At West Ryde Anglican church, all our preaching is based on the Bible. We have four preaching series per year, which are aligned with the school terms, plus a summer series in January. Each year, the preaching series are chosen to fit with a particular theme. They form the basis for the Sunday sermons, as well as the more in-depth studies done within our Community Groups. In 2018, we are excited to be following the theme of ‘Perseverance’, looking at studies in Matthew, 1 Samuel, Galatians and 1 Timothy.


2017: Obedience

2016: Wisdom from God

2015: Servanthood

2014: Christian Living

2013: Evangelism

2012: Church

2011: Discipleship

If you are a regular member and would like a written transcript of the sermon, please email the office. We welcome question, comments and feedback from regular church members.

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